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The easier, safer way for businesses to buy and trade internationally

If your business is involved in international trade, you can appreciate the value of a banking partner who has expertise in the nuances of cross-border trading and provides trade financing services to accommodate intra-day currency fluctuations.


Your BHI relationship manager and dedicated team of trade financing specialists have deep roots in the dynamic,  ast-moving space of international trade and are highly responsive to your needs. They can construct trade finance solutions to help you maximize your import-export potential and mitigate currency risks associated with cross-border commerce.

Commercial Letters of Credit

primary payment method to help you make purchases from domestic or foreign suppliers. (We also offer Bankers Acceptances or deferred payment arrangements at favorable rates and terms.)

Standby Letters of Credit

alternative payment method that secures your business contracts or credit obligations. We’ll make payment on your behalf if you fail to fulfill a commitment to a third party.

Documentary Collections

provides control of shipping documents through buyer/seller banks. As your intermediary to collect payments from the buyer, this is a less expensive payment method to Letters of Credit and helps facilitate prompt payment for your goods and services.

Online Trade Servcies

access trade services directly from your office. With BHI’s easy-to-use online system, you can quickly prepare templates, and issue or amend Letters of Credit easily and accurately.