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Real Estate


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We offer a full spectrum of financing services for every stage of your commercial real estate project

Each real estate deal is unique and impacted by many factors—from location to seasonality to market stability.  A relationship manager who understands the many aspects of your project and can design an innovative and flexible financing solution quickly is a real asset.


Your BHI relationship manager understands the unique ebb and flow of the local real estate market and works closely with middle-market companies like yours to finance everything from mixed-use properties to retail office space, hotels, and shopping centers.


Our team, with a cumulative 70 years of experience in real estate financing, can offer a full spectrum of financing services to address any opportunity or challenge that may arise.

  • Interim real estate financing

  • Permanent financing

  • Construction and acquisition financing

Tap into our knowledge and long history of commercial real estate financing and let us structure a financial solution designed to maximize the return on your real estate investment.

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