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Loan Financing

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Use your company’s assets to finance your business needs

Borrowing power fuels business growth. Your company’s assets—inventory, accounts receivables, real estate and equipment—all add to your borrowing power, and ultimately to your success.

Asset-based loans can provide a source of capital for companies in all kinds of situations—companies who are growing rapidly, undercapitalized or highly leveraged.  Or those who just need more cash because their businesses or industries are seasonal or cyclical.

Key advantages of asset-based loans:

  • Uses your company assets as collateral so it’s easier and faster to access business financing
    compared to traditional bank lines of credit

  • Automatically reduces loan balances through collection of receivables

  • Generates liquidity and reduces interest expense

Your BHI relationship manager, along with a dedicated team of professionals, has over 50 years of cumulative experience creating asset-based loan solutions for a variety of complex financing needs.  And with our senior-level management always close at hand, we’ll help you unlock your borrowing power quickly—to keep your business on track.

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