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Make the Most of Your Cash Reserves

We’ll put your idle funds to work.

Managing your short-term cash and liquidity position needs to be balanced so you’ve got sufficient funds when you need them, and any excess funds are working to make a return. Our liquidity services include Time Deposits, Money Market Deposit Accounts, Sweep Accounts and Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA), all designed to make it easier for you to move and manage your cash and grow your balances with our competitive yields.

Time Deposits

For businesses with cash that can be less liquid for a period of time, your money can grow at a guaranteed interest rate when held over a specified term. Choose an amount and a term from one week to 10 years and receive the interest payment at maturity. The longer the term, the higher the yield.

Money Market Deposit Accounts

For businesses with larger amounts of cash and no immediate use, put your idle cash to work. Earn a competitive interest rate and enjoy the short-term liquidity your business needs. Money Market Deposit Accounts allow for up to 6 transactions per month and low balance requirements.