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Access greater financing through multi-lenders

Sometimes a business deal requires more financing than a single commercial bank can offer. In such cases, we participate in a “loan syndicate” where BHI USA is one of several lenders who can provide the additional funding your business needs for growth.


Loan syndications are generally over $20 million and have more than three participating lenders. Our clients are typically non-public, middle-market businesses—including family-owned businesses— who are at the point where they require a large amount of capital to expand. We routinely work with other banks to satisfy our clients’ needs at this important stage in their growth.


If you’re a middle-market company with a greater need for financing, let us tap our expansive network of banking relationships to source lenders who have an interest in joining a loan syndicate, and together we can structure credit terms that are agreeable to all parties. As a participant in a syndicated loan, we facilitate the communications between all parties, review reports, and distribute pertinent documents and information to keep the process moving smoothly.


Your BHI relationship manager is committed to serving you and building a long-lasting relationship. Structuring the right syndicated loan is just one of the many ways we stand by you to provide timely access to the additional financing you need to keep your business growing.

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