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Streamlined cash management starts with efficient processing of business receivables

Businesses need quick access to incoming funds. We can help you convert your receivables into cash quickly with our convenient collection solutions. Your dedicated banking team will help you determine which options are best for your business today, and as it grows.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks electronically from your office computer using our high-resolution scanner. Just scan the check and it will automatically be transmitted to us—quickly and securely. No need for receipts or trips to the bank. Deposits are posted immediately and viewable online.

ACH Collections

Converting paper transactions to electronic funds positively impacts your cash flow and gives you the ability to monitor your cash position in real-time. ACH Collections increases speed of collections, improves transaction accuracy, reduces fraud, and makes it easier for your customers, too.

Lockbox Services

For companies with lots of customers who pay throughout the month, lockbox services are the convenient and preferred collections method. Payments made by customers are directed to a special post office box rather than to your company. Our processing centers accept remittances, produce digital copies and funds are transmitted directly to your account. The benefits are clear: accurate, same day digital processing of every check, online reporting, no need to retrieve mail or manual data entry. Saves time, money and is more secure, too.

Check Collections

Receiving payments from outside the United States isn’t always so easy. Payments need to be processed, converted and deposited into your U.S. bank account. With Check Collections, funds received from a correspondent bank can be converted to U.S. Dollars, or credited to your account in the same currency as the check.