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2023 Reflections and Achievements

Gil Karni, Chief Executive Officer, BHI

Each year, as both CEO and a member of our BHI team, I look forward to reflecting upon the year’s achievements and composing my thoughts about the future. I am very proud of what BHI accomplished in 2023 in the face of rising interest rates and lingering concerns about a potential economic slowdown. 2023 marked a year of success and growth for BHI across all of our business sectors. We achieved this growth while strengthening the bank’s infrastructure and welcoming new members to BHI team.

However, this year was different. I am also deeply saddened by the events in Israel and its effect on our community: the tremendous loss of lives, the injured and the hostages. The events that have consumed much of this last quarter of 2023 have affected our families, friends and communities. Though there are challenging days ahead, we knowthat Israel has endured war and crisis in the past, from which it has always recovered – resilient and strong. And so we must look to the future with a positive outlook. I strongly believe in Israel’s economy and ecosystem, and its ability to come back stronger and better than ever is not in doubt.

In 2023, BHI team members worked diligently to go above and beyond in serving our clients. I would like to thank all our employees for their hard work and contributions to BHI’s success. I would also like to extend our thanks to Bank Hapoalim Group management and employees in Israel for their continued partnership.

Our clients remain our main focus, and we value each relationship as unique and valuable to our mission: to provide our clients with dedicated personal service and a tailored solution to help them strive. I want to thank all of our clients for their partnership and continuing confidence in BHI.

Our focus in the coming year will be growing responsibly and making smart decisions to meet the challenges posed by ongoing uncertainty. We will continue to maintain our commitment to strategic areas of our business, such as Real Estate, C&I, Healthcare,Technology and Renewable Energy.

2024 marks the 50th Anniversary of BHI!  So, as we turn the page to this New Year, I am confident that 2024 will be another great year of close partnership with our clients, delivering the products and services that meet their objectives and will help them grow and I remain optimistic with regards to Israel’s resilience, a strong and inter-connected global economy, and our ability to thrive.

I wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and successful 2024!


Gil Karni

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