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Fraud Deterrent


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BHI provides you with the confidence and security of fraud deterrence and protection.


BHI offers robust and state-of-the-art solutions to safeguard your company and protect your business against fraud. It is critical that companies have the confidence and security of knowing that strong protection and deterrent measures are in place.


We provide Positive Pay, which will enable you to minimize the potential for loss by detecting fraudulent checks and ACH debits before they are posted to your account. Each check presented for payment will be matched against the list of checks issued.  It is up to you to decide whether to pay or decline a suspicious check.


With ACH Positive Pay, you can filter or block unauthorized electronic transactions.  Only the activity that meets the criteria you establish will be posted to your account.  We will notify you of any items that do not fit the filter criteria that you set.  You can choose to reject the item or add it to the list of acceptable transactions.


The safety and security of our clients is our top priority.  We provide you with the most innovative systems and technology to detect and prevent fraud.

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